Nurses Deserve Better


Post-rebrand, Vivian aimed to amplify its presence and drive brand awareness in strategic markets through a mix of OOH and digital advertising. The primary objective? Generate significant buzz in pivotal markets, notably Miami, Tulsa, and Oklahoma/Florida.

The Challenge

The campaign's core goal was to resonate deeply with healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, by acknowledging their dedication and emphasizing that they deserve better in their professional lives.

The Process

Conceptualization: From three brainstormed stylescapes, "Nurses Deserve Better" was chosen for its resonance with the target audience.

Visual Development: Drawing inspiration from nurses' real-world writings during shifts, a visual toolkit was crafted. This toolkit, featuring hand-drawn elements like scribbles, arrows, and custom icons, ensured a consistent and authentic feel across all campaign assets.

Campaign Evolution: Post the initial campaign's success, data-driven insights suggested illustrations tend to perform better in advertising. This led to the birth of the campaign's second version, which leaned into humor and sharp copywriting. I collaborated with illustrator Shirley Chen to produce five hero illustrations that aligned with the campaign's renewed messaging.

The Outcome

The campaign struck a chord with healthcare professionals in the target markets. It not only achieved its brand awareness objectives but also received accolades like "Absolutely awesome" and "Every city should have a billboard like this!" Beyond the positive feedback, the campaign secured thousands of impressions and robust engagement on social platforms.

Initial billboard installation

Nasdaq marquee ad in Times Square

Initial billboard installation

Nasdaq marquee ad in Times Square

The Team

As the lead brand designer and art director for this project, I led the concept development, art direction, and motion direction. Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I ensured that the campaign's visual elements were aligned with the brand's identity and the theme of the campaign.


Asi Behar
Mina Zivkovic
Simon Reynolds
Trajan Hague
Shirley Chen