1 Million Clinicians


Vivian, the leading healthcare job marketplace, reached a significant milestone of having 1 million clinicians on the platform. A multi-channel marketing campaign was launched to celebrate this achievement, featuring a series of digital assets designed to evoke a sense of celebration.

The Challenge

Vivian needed a celebratory campaign that highlighted the milestone and stayed true to the Vivian brand. The campaign needed to resonate with a diverse audience, including healthcare professionals, and healthcare employers. It also had to be adaptable across various channels, including email, social media, homepage banner, and various blog images.

The Process

This campaign was an opportunity to stretch the brand toolkit and test brand elements while staying true to the brand. The solution was a series of digital assets that leveraged Vivian's brand colors to create a set of unique and fresh gradients, evoking a celebratory feel. The gradients created for this campaign, using the brand's core colors, were a new exploration that added to the core toolkit. This design exploration demonstrated the importance of adapting and innovating within the brand's framework.

The Outcome

The campaign was primarily digital and generated significant brand awareness and impressions on social media and Vivian's blog. It successfully celebrated the milestone of 1 million clinicians on the platform and encouraged more healthcare professionals to explore job opportunities through Vivian.

The Team

As the Art Director for this project, I led the concept development, art direction, and motion direction. Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I ensured that the campaign's visual elements were aligned with the brand's identity and the celebratory theme of the campaign.


Ariele Scharff
Rishad Amarkhel
Trajan Hague