Vivian Brand Refresh

The Challenge

Vivian recognized the need for a standout, cohesive brand identity in the competitive health tech landscape. The challenge was conducting a comprehensive brand audit and refining key elements, including typography, color usage, brand shapes, and the icon system. Additionally, the project involved creating a unique illustration system and refreshing the brand photography, all while maintaining alignment with Vivian's mission and audience. The goal was to differentiate Vivian in the market, ensuring the brand resonated with its target audience and stood out from competitors.

The Process

The project began with a comprehensive audit of Vivian's existing brand identity. We examined every aspect, from logo and colors to typography and iconography. Based on our findings, we refined the core identity elements and worked with external partners to build a robust icon system. We also refreshed the brand photography, producing over 100 original brand photos and a 2-minute HERO video.

The Outcome

The brand refresh has already started to positively impact Vivian's business. The brand refinements work my team and I did have strengthened Vivian's position in the market by not only helping it differentiate in the industry, but also helping attract, and retain more candidates and employers on our platform. The project has also increased brand awareness and recognition for Vivian.

The Team

I led this project in collaboration with our world-class in-house brand design team and talented external partners.


Asi Behar
Jake Desaulniers
Kristen Hamby
Mackey Saturday
Marielle Balogh
Olivia Dayoub
Trajan Hague 
New Rev Media